Best Cataract surgery Facilities Available in Delhi, India

Anterior Segment 3d Scanner: Best Cataract assessment Tool in the world. # dimensional cataract assesment.
Latest All-in-one Specular Microscope with ?corneal endothelium photographing and "automatic analysis" Quick and automatic analysis of corneal endothelium cells along with thickness of cornea

Ultrasound /Biometery :- It is used to monitor progression of myopia number with increasing  age and as preventive measures to avoid LASIX at later age .Is also used in study of intraocular& orbital tumour,to calculate power of intraocular lens to be implanted.

Pachymeter (Non contact & immersion mode) It is used to measure corneal thickness.
New 3 D OCT( Optical Coherence  Tomography )
With scanning speeds of up to 100,000 A-Scans per second, the 3D OCT offers fast high-resolution imaging.
Latest A Non-mydriatic color Retinal camera
Fluorescein angiography (FA) 
  RNFL Analyzer
Change in the Nerve fibre layer thickness can be monitored via RNFL Trend Analysis and comparison with normative data. Multiple patient visits can be viewed simply on one screen aiding disease management.  Trend analysis can calculate linear regression lines by using all stored patient data. This chart can be useful to follow patient data as well as a useful patient education tool.
Total patient history data including overlay / thickness map / Color fundus image can now be shown on the same report.

Retina 3d  ;Optic Nerve Head / Disc: Scan; Disc:Circle Scan ;Retinal Nerve fibre layer Scanner ;Drusen 3d Scanner

Synaptophore : It is used for diagnosis of treatment of squint cases & eye muscle exercises

AutoPerimeter :It is used for field charting in glaucoma or tumour in head.

Latest machine for DRY EYES  [First time in World] Special non-invasive diagnostic instrument available only at this centre in India which can detect the dry eyes.

Beta Ray Applicator :- It is used to cure spring catarrh(Vernal keratoconjunctivitis), Pterygium corneal vessels & some eye tumour. Only few good institute in India have this device.
Cam  (Digital Amblyopia Exercises):- For Weak/ Lazy eye

Operating Microscopes with Digital 3d video camera :- It's a latest microscope & have unique device to protect the retina of the patient during eye operation which do not exist in other microscope.Patient can lose it's vision as it will cause photoretinitis if operated by microscope without retinal protective device,

Vitrectomy Machine with fragmentome :- Most advnce vitrectomy machine with 7500 cuts /15000 cuts with auto IOP ;
Best  Phaco machine in the world for cataract surgery : Cold Phaco With Auto IOP/Auto Irrigation control inside eye during cataractsurgery.
Cryo Units  It is widely used for sealing retinal holes in retinal detachment.

Diathermy Unit Giant & Ocular Magnets :To remove foreign bodies inside the eye. Corneal foreign body removal with latest equipment

3d Endoscope with Laser delivering surgery system
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Get your eyes checked with most advanced  3d Cataract & Retina scanning machine in the  world at Guru Gobind Singh International Eye Centre


  1. 3d Endoscope with Laser delivering surgery system  at Guru Gobind Singh International Eye Centre .

  1. World's first 3d Endoscopic Cataract surgery  done by Dr. Hanspal Bhinder

  1. Latest Non Mydriatic Color Retinal Camera

  1. Cataract 3d scanner

  1. 3 D OCT( Optical Coherence  Tomography ) with Enview technology

  1. Optic Nerve Head / Disc: Scan; Disc: Circle Scan

  1. 3D WIDE Retinal Nerve fibre layer Scanner / RNFL TREND ANALYSIS, GCL ANALYSIS

  1. Drusen 3d Scanner

  1. World's first 3d Endoscopic  cataract Centre is Guru Gobind Singh International Eye centre




Most advance cataract centre ( Guru Gobind Singh International Eye centre)